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Related article: Date : Wed, 19 Feb 2010 09 34th 47 -0700 From: Brian Suddards TELUS u003csuddar40. net u003e Subject: Twelve Ben Law n This story is fiction : it is sex between consenting adult males. if is under the age of eighteen years and prohibits any legislation in the country, the province or the country where you live, you must leave now. All place names on-events is purely coincidental. comments are always welcome : TELUS suddar40. net " LAW OF TWELVE " was talking to Aaron, domestic service. " Hello dear. Who is that? " "Hi Jerry, this is what he is one of the guys who want to be in the picture, is movies. It a little worried because he never had a man in his ass. " " Well, he need not worry, he can no 69 in a type of movie or be just down to him. If he is willing to go further, we can sure he enjoys his first time. we are not forcing anything that s do not want. " " Well, the way Ben explained, was that He would have fucked at the end. " " Nowlove really is, if he desires. " Aaron spoke to him a few minutes in your language. He said that when there Thailand. He was very handsome, but very small, almost like children. The thought stuck in queue where I is very hard. " says he wants, but is just afraid of being hurt. " " Tell him, as gently as I can love. " " He says he will think about it and let me know. He has to return to work now. " I ruffled his hair and patted her cute butt. He smiled and walked fast removed. N " I can tell Jerry you want first. " " How can you tell? " I laughed. " through this. " He grabbed my hard cock. " Baby, I'm nothing, unless you want. " " Jerry, I want this. " " love well, let's go to bed, and I 'll show you how to be gentle. " ", but Little Pedo Models Pics Jerry, I do not know how it is being soft. I like when I take hard as possible. " I took in my arms and planted a kiss on the mouth. I got the right in front of our door down and beat him highAss, as we entered our space. " Oh wow! Kinky. " He chuckled. As soon as we were inside, when the doorbell rang. Aaron went above and said she and the two boys entered the room. Both were looking for a little little scary. I pulled my shirt and my shorts. Both boy 's eyes get really big when she saw my hard cock. Aaron will not waste time doing naked and told to strip the two boys. Both were difficult before even had his shorts. Jimmy was very handsome. Beautiful, 5-inch uncut s Hahn, but Momo was cut about 7 inches thick tail. I was surprised, so is small in stature, would fit well. "Are you still a virgin, Jimmy ? " I asked. " No, sir. " "Look guys, I'm Jerry and this is Aaron. No need to call me sir. " " Okay guys. I everyone enjoys this afternoon I have a plan. Momo told we 're still a virgin. So I think Jimmy is the smallest, but the most beautiful cock, if you like Jimmy Momo is " " will be his first time. If I want to happen. " he said. " Now I want Momocatch me. " Aaron said. N " I want love to fuck me. But I want Jimmy to fuck me. I would also like both suck as good as you baby. " " Would you fuck me after Jimmy ? "Momo, I asked. " OK. I'm smaller than Aaron. " " Really? " He came over and grabbed my cock and Aaron. " Wow, I know, but the men were bigger. " " Hey, buddy, not the size, the way you use it. I laughed. We Little Pedo Models Pics took the children in our bed. Momo and Jimmy set up the legs and went to work with his tongue. When Jimmy Momo border, which had stuck in the ass n. I went behind him and spread his cheeks and turned on my tongue. as As soon as my tongue touched her pucker, I felt relaxed. Aaron was sucking Momo s Hahn. Was defeated in the bed of the double assault. I opened Jimmy the tongue as far as I could. Her ass was moving so s was hard for me to keep working my tongue. Finally, I took my cock to the ass and pushed gently. He opened it and slipped it. I held his hips as I Dwander slowly into it. He moaned in absolute pleasure as I pressed cock in the ass. I was so high compared to him, that I could look over and see how slowly penetrated the first two, and then Momo three fingers. Aaron had turned and now straddling his chest Momo. Momo Aaron was sucking. I was very surprised when Jimmy pulled the finger of and pushed his cock in Momo pushed up to meet Jimmy 's cock. Wow. first key and liked. I looked at my cock moves slowly in and out of Jimmy 's ass. When I cut with my cock that was doomed to a real atmosphere. I really started sticking my dick in it. He met with every hit. Push back. I pushed him forcing his cock in Momo. soon increase in a real rate, and while I fucked Jimmy, he caught Momo. N Momo should cumm have first because Jimmy raised his head and groaned. I home muscles of my tail pinch. It made me shoot my load deep in Jimmy. I Aaron saw Momo 's mouth fucked in a frenzy. Finally stopped when cumm jets Momo 's mouth on the chin and neck. All collapsed in bed in a tangle of arms and legs. After we untangled and Aaron had a couple of bottles filled the water, we sat and embraced only a little. I did not know. What I did, "said Momo. I leaned forward and kissed him, and then Aaron cumm licked his chin. The rest of the evening was a fuck and suck with continuous firmness. not like Momo that when I fucked him, but I told him Little Pedo Models Pics I would not. tend to be somewhat brutal. to fuck with a tight ass, I lean back. could Then take happen if the ass virgin. Momo loved when Aaron took him, Little Pedo Models Pics even though she knew that Aaron was thicker than I am. Momo was based in the ass what he had done with him, but I loved every second. we were all a mess in bed when we awake in the morning. both children dressed, thanked us both to is a very good night and left. Aaron I fucked slowly and lovingly, he had no pata of me in it. After I have I was screwed. He was aggressive. I'm still excited. Just hugged together. The intercom rang in my nightstand. " Tomorrow Jerry. " "Hello, Ben. What 's going on? " " Sammy and I took the case of Taiwan. That can be called an all the kids in the U. S.. States. and see if you wanna come ? I am with the purchase of a lot of shit going on computer when I'm in Taiwan. Then we can start production. " \\ \\ n "According to Ben. also Little Pedo Models Pics going to start from still images to engage all the guys here in porn. so we can start steady on our website. maybe get some good desires. " " sounds good to Jerry. see us in a few days. " " have fun friends. not let Sammy take too much. " I laughed. Little Pedo Models Pics " Jerry Vale, goodbye. " I hung up and turned around and began to neck with Aaron. God, I loved the guy. He responded in kind, and just lazed around in bed making out. " Jerry I have to pee. " N " I love you too. " boy who had a full charge, and I was almost unconscious of THAs time went on and took my penis in her mouth. Then he got into the shower and went to in the ass. He always knew so well. After cleaning out I sucked n him, and then fell back and love. When we left the shower , two Little Pedo Models Pics boys came out and dried us. Both were different from those had the night before. Both were naked and quickly dried and then helped us in the bathroom. Aaron became hard as the guys who helped him. ", which is the normal way here? " I asked. " No, sir. It's just that we wanted. Please do not say, master 's house. He had his s very angry with us. " "I will not to say, while you are here are all morning. " " Oh, yes sir. " " What are your names? "Aaron asked. " My name is Jamal Singh and this. We are not in the Philippines. I am from India and Jamal is from Singapore. It is not like others because we not the Philippines. " " Why the hell not? "I asked. ", said Minh, who are not, as he and the others. We were both youngToy in Manila and he did not think could be good for movie stars. " " Why you? " " Little Pedo Models Pics He did not have enough to fill all positions, he said he could come , if it only worked in the kitchen. " " Well, that will change very quickly. " Aaron had a look of absolute wonder on her face. I know what I was thinking. These guys were just slaves Minh. Minh was a great surprise. \\ \\ n Fick was bothering me now. n grabbed both children and pulled her close. the almost melted me, just as Aaron, as he drew near. n "Things are changing very quickly, guys. " we have in our room and I get. " Aaron here and keep them occupied. " I smiled. N I was out of our room and kitchen. " Are you Minh seen? " I think it is in the servants 'quarters. They have two kids kitchen does not appear this morning. " When I turned around to address the servants' Minh went to the kitchen. " Come with me Minh. Want to say a few wordswith you. " walked into our office and went, and I closed the door. " Well, first of all, no one has been designated as kitchen staff only. Everyone is work in the kitchen and all areas of real estate. Second, someone, and I mean, someone who wants to be in a porn movie is allowed. If no know, Sammy, Aaron, Joseph Red, Ben and I are not the Philippines. that all means, no matter where they come from Little Pedo Models Pics or what they have done before here has the same opportunity and be treated equally. " " Sorry, sir. I misunderstood when he said he wanted to get young Filipinos to work here. " " OK. Just so there would be no misunderstanding in the future, I say, let is able to provide children across Asia, to make films. " " Yes, sir. " " Well, thanks to Minh. Your doing a good job. " not, allowed to return to his duties and returned to my room. When Aaron Singh was hit in the ass, while Jamal was always fucked by Aaron. Singh was very Now there was darkts of hair. Jamal was candy brown hair only on his penis and testicles. Both were very good looking guys. Seeing what was happening was hard, very short. I dropped my shorts y fed my cock into her mouth Jamal. On one occasion, choked and began deep the throat of my cock. I held my head as I hit and out the mouth. very ith regard to Aaron and Singh will allow their charges. I saw the fire his load Jamal in bed and then dumped me in the mouth. He could not swallow fast enough and splashed on her lips. " If you are rested, you go take a shower and clean. After returning from here and I'm a couple of pictures. " went to the office, took a digital camera and save in my suite. A few minutes later, the three boys entered were all naked. Singh had me lying on my bed and took some of their poses. I bent down to took him a few times to make it hard, and took a little longer. It was very handsome. I repeated the whole using Jamal. " Well guys, you can tighten and go back and see Minh. He will tell you what Tasks are now. Do not worry, I had a conversation with him. " " Jerry, I just had a great idea for a porn movie. " " love well, tell me about it. " " Now we get some costume jewelry and necklaces put in a lot of boys. Do they all sit in the nude with only the neck. Then Little Pedo Models Pics n Red o Joseph comes in dressed in a tunic. takes Little Pedo Models Pics one of the children to be a toy for the night. all the rest just sit and watch. " " as a boy harem? " " Yes, I like that. " " Well love, I'll think about it. " 'Cool n ". " Well dear, I have to make some calls. Why not take the camera and to get some photos to work from the boys. " " really. ¿ I can somehow make it as I like ? " " Sure Love. " I laughed. went to the office and asked the United States. Now only two of our stars were willing to come permanently. Wayne, the big black guy that I had fucking my first movie, Harold and Indian child, who had nomet. It was with Wayne when I called. I told them to clarify their problems and then let n I want to know if he could come. I told them I would book their flights after she called. Ben called me into his cell and asked him to pick up some costume jewelry , especially the neck. I said no problem. Then I looked for Red and Joseph. I found it in the pool. " Hi guys. How are you? Fun ? " " Now Little Pedo Models Pics there are certainly plenty of good people. We have not tested the other hand, an n a few. " Little Pedo Models Pics " than men, what you do. just want to ask some of them, I'm sure you want to connect to his bed. Both Ben and I had one last night. " \\ \\ n I was the way to Red and Joseph Joseph could tell by looking at him, had fallen in any case, each other. I was very happy that someone had Red Love, after all that had happened. I went and saw Minh and asked about the locked room in the back of the the house. He took me down and opened the door. Inside was a safe place of the property. therehad to be 15 screens, all parts of the farm. showed me how everything worked. All television cameras worked in the movement. every time a person entered the premises of a camera that starts recording. that s I said the previous owner had this room open 24 hours / seven. We saw Sammy did raise some of the boys. Minh turned a ringtone and image zoom in " Wow, it looks like fun. " Said Minh. " Yes. " looked Minh, was obviously having an effect on him. His pants were definitely show wood. I reached out and ran my hand over his cock into her shorts. He groaned as I did. When he got up and turned to me, I let them down. His hard cock jumped up and stood up. He had a very thick 5 inch penis Little Pedo Models Pics uncut. That led him s a couple of times and then leaned forward and put it in my mouth. that nearly fainted when he slipped to the back of my throat. I grabbed her ass and pulled him in. He grabbed my head and then began to fuck my face. damn felt so smooth and out of my mouth and throat. According to him, let s fuck my face for a while, I went and stood up. " Come with me ". inclined to pull his shorts. " Just go. " that led him outside the security zone, s down the stairs and hallway in my bedroom. After that came in and closed the door. " Now where were we? " I was sitting on the bed and pulled him forward and then sucked his cock back into my the mouth. I let him take my face for a while, withdrew and lay down on the bed. I opened my pants and threw them away. " Now I want to fuck me as Aaron was. " Do not say a word, just went to bed and knelt between my legs. It s lifted her legs over his shoulders and rubbed smooth tail of saliva up and Little Pedo Models Pics down over my rosebud. Then he gave me just write to a massive boost. that was not as long as Aaron, but much thicker. The pain of his entry was a sharp jab. As soon as he was, he did not want to wait just start driving pile my ass. After the third blowwas in heaven. He had a long breath Power and to be honest I did not want to end. After what seemed an eternity of pure pleasure, he went out and grabbed my head and pushed his cock s in the mouth and unloaded its cargo. Wow, what a rush. After blowing his load, he leaned back. " Wow Minh, which was fantastic. " I sighed. "Did n, thanks to Jerry. I was not sure he loved, but that's how Aaron I to do it. " " Why do you think that I love so much? " " Now it gets really wild in bed. Little Pedo Models Pics A I'm sure he could not make him happy for time. that's all I wanted. more and more. " " Yes, I" n "this problem. But I give you everything you want, how many times as you want. I have to return to work Jerry. Thank you. I really enjoyed it. then time, if you can, fuck me in the same way. " " Okay, Minh. Remember we are all equal here. " " I see that Jerry and now do I feel how I try and Jamal Singh. " the next few days were more or less the same. Aaron and I had a difference ofErent set of children in our bed every night. Red and Joseph had children with them. Ben returned after three days away and took two young Chinese boys with him. I was a little surprised until he told me that they had signed contracts and void. that s said their contracts had to buy from a distributor in Taiwan. I thought to myself, , tell me what he meant then. Now, come as Wayne and his friend from the U. S.. States. We have eight full time porn stars on the site and another 14 spread. He told me in our first meeting, which was a local photographer who was ready to get to come to work. I talked to him about the idea of Aaron for a porn movie. that thought it would be great, and goes to Aaron. With a few home boys began to use it to configure the master bedroom in a study of. I went to the office to catch up with paperwork. Showdown wage for all workers. Make sure I had all my T is exceeded I is dotted not want any trouble from the government. About 3pm, a messenger came to government with a complete set of plans Real s. Ben had asked if we wanted to make some changes. I turned around at a table in open office and looked over them. Aaron entered the office and stood beside me. I wrapped one around, and threw around. " Jerry, there's something wrong with the plan. " "How do you love ? " " The cellar in which they were not as large as shown in planes. " "Hey, what do you mean? " " Well, we went and ready no more than 40 meters, reaching the dungeon entrance. entry was on the wall. So where is the rest of the basement? " " interesting, lets go look. " went into the garage and then entered in the basement. It was to the right. The region covers an area in which we were about 20 feet by 45 feet. must be another 20 feet by 45 feet. The basement of the plans revealed to be a 40 feet by 45 feet. We went to the wall. It was featurelESS. not burn or break. So where was the entrance to the other room? " We have to do this some more. " that asked her how many other secrets of this hotel. Once you back up the stairs, I said I had Aaron take a few pictures. I told him I was going to finish my accounting and meet him Little Pedo Models Pics at dinner. Let and closed the door. As soon as I returned to books, when another blow reached the door. "Forward !" I said, without looking. " I hope I will not bother Jerry. " I looked up and saw Singh is right next door. " No, come in and shut the door. I'm almost done here. " shut the door and walked beside me on the table. I placed my pen and turned to him. Now he was standing next to me, I realized was how small it really is. Just come to my shoulder as I sat s down. "How Great Thou Art Singh? " "four feet eleven inches. Pound 82nd " " Take off your Little Pedo Models Pics shorts and shirt. " once he had taken to his feet with his hands at his side. hewas a young man handsome. He had a 4 inch penis soft cut. N on the Little Pedo Models Pics genitals and legs were covered with black hair well. His torso was smooth. I asked will turn around. Her ass was covered with very fine hair. Very nice. " You're a very handsome young Singh. " " Thank you, sir. " " So what I wanted to see me ? " " Well I just wanted what he did for me and thanks to Jamal. " "OK. " I saw it, since its peak four inches slowly in a very good 5 and hardened covered with a half inch cock. As went ahead and removed the top of your skin, your whole body shuddered. " So what you want Singh? " " Jerry, I had never seen a white man before. Want you to be the first. Jamal had some and he said they were very well. just want you for my first. " " Singh, I must warn you, I'm never very smooth. " " OK Jerry. what you want. " n "Okay, come with me. " When he bent to lift her shorts. " No, they wear. " " buts". " Singh, wi one of next weektake place all over the island , except the kitchen staff. Each of the children are all naked times. Even if we visitors. " ' Cool. I'd rather not, where there is. " I took to my room. deprived him of lying on my back. I went to my tongue and stopped quickly. I did not like her hair. " What's going on Jerry? " " I'll shave your Little Pedo Models Pics ass. " I quickly got my electric Little Pedo Models Pics shaver used to remove the hair around the bud pink and is used a razor to make it really smooth. Never had the Move all number of times so do was doing. After I finished, I went down into the sweet ass. much better. began to squirm on the bed, as my tongue opened the cave. that stood up, dropped my pants and knelt between her legs. his eyes were huge n when he saw what divided equally to Little Pedo Models Pics open it. " This will hurt to start with Singh, but I think you will like. " took a tube of lubricant and coated my cock and ass. When I refused a row and I saw how small it was. First WatchULD must Make sure you go too deep. When I took all of me in it, would be almost in the stomach. I brought the head of my cock up her tight hole. I n pushed forward he found was very tight. Since more pressure, cried in a slight groan. I pushed harder. Tears streamed down his set before I had found, even in its external muscle. All of a sudden my tail just popped inside. His back arched and his hands tried to push out of bed to pull me. He grabbed my legs and headed toward him. My penis was only about 5 inches before touching the tip of your bowel. I said to let him get used to the huge pole now invades inside. came to hit the bed. When I returned he Little Pedo Models Pics retired relaxed a little, to cry again, when I came in. At that point I did not care how sense. I started to come and go with increasing speed. Soon I stack Take this wonderful tight ass. I was surprised that my current cock n the allHe was at 7 centimeters deep in the bowels. After only from 10 to 12 strokes before he was meeting my thrusts. I fucked the sweat dripping from me. Finally, I felt deep inside, high. His own dick out when I got fired. I fell on his little body. I was more surprised than when n his arms around me and gave me. When I moved out, there was an audible click, let my cock. " Wow, that was great Jerry. " He was breathing with difficulty. " I'm sorry I hurt Singh, but if I see a nice tight ass, me n path ". "OK Jerry. Aaron told me to wait, and I asked if he minded if if I were you, I have to shit. I like this way, as Aaron does. " " Come, let's take a shower before dinner. " After the shower, he came out and said to myself, thank you. I dressed and went in the table. Aaron grabbed and took him aside. " I'll call you later have to define love me. " N " I hope it's as hard as did Singh. " He chuckled. Ben and I had talked about ourOriginal decree that everyone had to be dress. We have decided that you all naked at all times. In fact, we have n a rule, except for the kitchen staff. Everyone was happy. Now, a large contingent of beautiful boys greet all visitors to the island. guys naked. Ben also announced that it will be a porn movie filmed the next day. Judge Aaron n 'll like his idea. There were 12 children had to be and the film was going to announce that 12, there had to be. He explained that o that all the kids to get exposure, which should only be $ 1 000. $ 00 for the film, except for a child who would be elected in the media of the film. He would receive 20 % of the gross revenue of the film. Little Pedo Models Pics Cena interrupts talk of the town who are elected, and that would be the game. took Aaron aside and talked to him. " I do not know how to draw Jerry. " " Hello love, is easy. Choose the boys, and I want you to get Singh to be Star. Decide The time you like red or Josephthe Lord and Master harem. Little Pedo Models Pics " 'Red Red I want," he said. " Can you imagine Singh fucked in the red rooster. " I laughed. " Yes, it is very cool. And the color difference really is. " " Now your thinking like Little Pedo Models Pics a director of true love. " In the night Aaron and I slept alone. I loved him and him alone and he wanted I n. It was a long night and love, as each one of us enjoyed the talent and other things. The next morning Ben and I ready for the shoot. I s, Aaron and said to go get their 12 children. We had all the furniture moved back out of bed. all that would be visible, which were in the field n the 12 boys pillow. boys, who were picked out to watch the filming. This was that would have an accurate idea of what is expected. After lunch applied to 12 children. First, they had and then had to strip each layer other body with an aromatic oil. This made shiny brown body. We use jewelery necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and on them. Ben took Several even by children in different positions. All seemed good enough to to eat. went to talk to Red. When I knocked on her door, said Jose asked me to come in red with a gold satin gown stood, was not closed there, and saw it cut its color fire pubes red, not much, just enough that look better, against his white skin. He had a pair of gold bracelets and a chain of little tight around his neck. He looked ok enough to eat on the spot. " You look very red edible. " I laughed. " Jerry, you are always welcome at any time to close. " " Maybe later. " "OK red, I'll tell you what will happen. all the boys are taking a to be naked. the one you receive for the night, a boy named Jamal. is in India and very close. But before you pick it up, I to do, how to go to Thai boy named one selection. Little Pedo Models Pics I want to force that suck cock. shit No more holding back. Only his face as hard as you want and drag and refuse toa slap. So just ignore it and choose Jamal. Do not miss Jamal, which is almost black, his skin is so dark. I s, he said, very closely, but loves to be fucked. When he begins to mourn, all better for the show. " " Sounds good to Jerry. " I saw Jose moved into a gown and add a very angry on the sword his belt. " Enforcer you would like my harem. You will need to see and easy. " " Good idea, Ed, I think you can Little Pedo Models Pics still add a small scene. After Red rejects the small Thai boy, bring it to pull it close to the output y say aloud. "You could not please my Master, I am very pleased to be n cut these little toys and feed my pets. " " " Well, I can do that. " " They do nothing for him but he is a very nice young man. " " Do not worry, Jerry, it's all an act of " " type of agreement, ten minutes to help end Aaron n ready and then enter "\\ \\ n turned and spoke to Aaron and Ben, and told them about my idea. Ben really liked the idea, but Aaron was a little scaryd " Relax, Aaron, everything is just going to an action. " Ben started the cameras. All except the bed. He had a background in the door, which was adorned with a satin curtain. TBC comments welcome suddar40 Telus. net
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